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MEMSA is hosting a webinar in partnership with the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA), an agency of the Department of Science and Innovation. The webinar will provide an overview of TIA and its offerings, and is aimed to elaborate on TIA's latest funding initiative. This initiative calls for proposals focusing on innovative research and development (R&D) in mining technologies, in the following focus areas:

  • Mining - strategic use of minerals for climate change, modernisation of mining, digitisation using AI, deep learning, and machine learning.
  • Water sustainability – digitization of water operations to improve the efficiencies of water infrastructure, water leaks and climate adaption technologies.

The Q&A sessions will allow members ample opportunity to raise any questions with regard to the funding and Call for Proposals.

Members interested in attending the compulsory briefing session on the 9th of July, need to RSVP by the 27th at customerservice@tia.org.za.

Event agenda

  • Brief overview of TIA
  • Funding Instruments Relevant to MEMSA Members
  • Testimonials by two beneficiaries (MEMSA member Brendan Fernandez and Matt Lloyd from Stone Three)

Funding Q&A

  • Call for Proposals - Mining Technologies (Natural Resources)
  • Guidance on the Application Process

Call for Proposals Q&A


  • Brendan Fernandez (Founder & CEO of Graf-in Tech)

    Brendan Fernandez

    Founder & CEO of Graf-in Tech


    Brendan Fernandez is a Founder & CEO of Graf-in Tech and MEMSA Board Director.

    He is a tech entrepreneur passionate about building innovative and effective solutions to solve problems. Particularly, I’m interested in addressing critical social, economic and environmental challenges facing Africa.

    My technical expertise are in engineering and data science. I believe in building solutions through collaborations and partnerships —- so let’s connect and engage!

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  • Nerissa Govender (Project Manager (Commercialisation) for the Natural Resources and Energy at Technology Innovation Agency)

    Nerissa Govender

    Project Manager (Commercialisation) for the Natural Resources and Energy at Technology Innovation Agency


    With extensive experience in international business development and technological innovation, I specialise in market expansion and commercialisation. In my current role as a Project Manager (Commercialisation) for the Natural Resources and Energy division at the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA), I support the commercialisation of technological innovations, aligning with our division’s strategic objectives. My responsibilities include financial management, stakeholder engagement, portfolio management, and governance, ensuring the successful commercialisation of TIA-funded technologies and products.

    Previously, I served as a Senior Market Advisor at Enterprise Ireland, where I helped drive export growth for Irish companies in Sub-Saharan Africa. My role involved leveraging a network of buyers and decision-makers, identifying market opportunities, and supporting client companies in market entry and expansion.

    I also held the role of Southern Africa Trade Services Manager at the Department for International Trade (DIT) in Africa, where I managed major strategic events, facilitated market research, and built relationships with UK and Southern African businesses.

    With a background in business development, project management, and commercialisation across various sectors, I am equipped to contribute to growth and innovation in diverse industries. My aim is to leverage my skills and network to create sustainable business opportunities and drive impactful results.

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  • Matt Lloyd (Marketing and sales manager at Stone Three)

    Matt Lloyd

    Marketing and sales manager at Stone Three


    Matt Lloyd is the current marketing and sales manager at Stone Three. He leads our efforts in driving business growth and enhancing brand visibility. With a passion for innovative solutions and customer satisfaction, he also oversees strategic marketing initiatives and sales operations, ensuring Stone Three’s cutting-edge technology reaches clients worldwide.

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  • Nqangi Mjimba Ncube (Portfolio Manager in the Natural Resources at Technology Innovation Agency (TIA))

    Nqangi Mjimba Ncube

    Portfolio Manager in the Natural Resources at Technology Innovation Agency (TIA)


    Ms Nqangi Mjimba - Ncube is a Portfolio Manager in the Natural Resources unit with 11 years’ experience in the tech development and commercialisation fraternity. Prior to that she worked for the former Lonrho, now Lonmin as intern, Rio Tinto Mining and Exploration (Pty) Ltd and Ivanhoe (Pty) Ltd as a geoscientist in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Botswana. Nqangi is passionate about the mining industry and recently circular economy, mineral criticality, water and infrastructure as well as climate change. Nqangi spends some of her time attending to her flower garden and vegetable patch. She is also involved in Christian & charity activities, enjoys giving back as well as mentoring and coaching young people.

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